I'm your host, Dave Transom

posted on 26th Jan 2007

It's been talked about for a long time, although only amongst colleagues and friends, but I finally have put some time into starting a blog. So here it is, my first blog post ever, that is if you ignore the blogesque style personal websites I started out with in the nineties, before 'blogging' came to, erm, fruition?

Who am I?

I've got to admit, I'm a nerd - I love programming, it's my profession and a hobby too, and it is maybe the reason this blog hasn't happened sooner. But it is also the reason this blog is now here. It may not be a healthy choice of hobby, considering my career, but we're not here to discuss that! My name is Dave, and I'm a codeaholic.

I'm also director of Singular Limited, which is where we spend our time working on online stores, content management systems and web applications in general (or is that not-so-general?).

What's my plan?

Now that you know who I am, sort of, I can say that I find or discover or refine some interesting concepts and ideas to get the job done better (or with more style) and I'd very much like to share some of that with you.

I mainly plan to write about web development, specifically C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Javascript, but it won't be limited to that, there's Yahoo! UI Library, Jack Slocum's yui-ext, Script.aculo.us, Prototype and of course ASP.NET AJAX . I'll be sharing ideas and inviting feedback. I plan to release source code and helper utilities here too.

Some of the content is going to be simple; Handy tips that you may or may not know about. Some of it is going to be in-depth, elaborating over concepts and ideas. And some of it is going to be coool, at least I hope you'll think so. One of those cool things is the "Smield"! Interested? Well I'll post about that in the near future :)

Where does the influence come from?

These are just a few (The real list is a lot bigger) of the people I find make my life easier, whether it be code ideas, insight, putting things into perspective, not to mention keeping up a sense of humour. Jon Galloway, Scott Guthrie, Jon Skeet, Milan Negovan, Phil Haack and Jeff Atwood are a few people I read regularly. Keep up the great work guys.