Out with Blogger. In with Subtext.

posted on 28th Apr 2007

Although only a new blogger myself, my choice for entry into this realm wasn't the best considering my background. I chose google's Blogger service to get started quickly and just get posting. It worked too, with practically no set up, I could start writing and the results were automatically published via FTP to my location of choice. Awesome.

But by the second or third post, I found that I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the editor provided. Being a web developer that took up early with the 'web standards' cause, I have a fundamental requirement to have a document (such as a blog post) that is semantically correct. So Blogger's <span> with font-size 130% etc to replace H1 through H6 just didn't cut it; and doing everything in 'source view' is way too hard-core these days.

That, coupled with my RSS being published as ATOM several times, and large blogging organisation being somewhat difficult to contact or give feedback to, was enough to sap my desire to use it.

So I did what any self respecting web developer would do and decided to build one myself. And because I love developing, and had some new business logic techniques I was keen on using, not to mention that I like to have things running lean and smooth, building it was going to be Awesome! Then, as it has happened before with other good intentions just like this one, real work and a severe lack of free time, convinced me out of it.

So I did what any busy self respecting web developer would do. I chose a popular open source project that is built on my development platform of choice. Something proven and that I could possibly contribute to. So now I run Subtext, have a proper blog design thanks to Rina, and can have all the H1's through H6's that I can poke a stick at - ain't it grand! If the worst comes to worst, I can always pop over and leave Phil a message. The last time I submitted a bug report, he fixed it that night! Now that's Awesome!

It really goes to show that not having the right tools goes a long way to sapping your creativity. And without further adieu, welcome Subtext, now I can get on with posting the backlog of C# Vitamins I'm accumulating.